Prayer Circle – June 18, 2017

  • We are again delighted to witness the baptism of Kylie Noelle Wagner (daughter of Nate & Nicole); and Evelynn (age 12) & Shawn (age 8) Geis.  As you have called them out of the darkness of unbelief into your marvelous light, so guide them on their path of life.
  • As he was rapidly transported to the hospital with breathing issues due to Congestive Heart Failure, we pray for Dave Spietz’s father, Gerhardt. May he be secure in your loving arms, dear Father in heaven.
  • Lord, we give you thanks for your wisdom and guidance in providing us with a middle grades teacher for this coming school year, Mrs. Emily Rodrigue (Rŏd’ rĭg).   Her husband, Kenneth, is currently vicaring at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Princeton, WI.  We are excited to welcome Mrs. Rodrigue later this summer and pray that you would be with them as they finish up his vicar year and soon transition to our ministry.
  • Lord, we seek a special measure of your love and care for Geraldine Anderson, who has just entered hospice care.  Reassure her, along w/her family, of your gracious promises and the certainty of eternal life.
  • We rejoice with Steve & Kristin Clasen as they celebrate their anniversary of marriage over their committed love and their many blessings.
  • Thrilled to witness the baptism of Cora Marie Pautz (daughter of Jimmy & Alyssa).  As you have called them out of the darkness of unbelief into your marvelous light, so guide them on their path of life.
  • Prayers again for Breanna Reel, now struggling with seizures.  At St. Luke’s hospital, they are running tests to find out the cause and advise treatment.
  • We seek your comfort and strengthening for Janice Aderman and family as her dad, Jim Krueger, is now home in heaven.  Let them be assured that you are the giver of life and that through the resurrection of Jesus we know he is now safe in eternity with you.
  • Continued prayers for Tom Ade (now in a rehab unit in West Allis); Sharon Kirsch (awaiting word on surgery); Zac Lippert (continuing to make progress); Rebekah Sueflow.
  • Bob & Janet Oswalds 60th Anniversary and Bob’s 86th Lord, you continue your grace to them on their journey into everlasting life.
  • We pray for a safe move for Ben & Katie Raddatz, heading south soon to Albuquerque.
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for Andrew Nemmers, married in early June to Emilee Koltz; and Anna Hering, married to Tom Pina.  Bless them with your love.

LWMS convention – Holy Spirit, it’s your will to bring every sinner on earth to faith in Jesus as Savior. Fill the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society convention with your presence as participants gather this week to worship and to support mission work at home and throughout the world. Bless all attendees with safe travel and with a fervent desire not only to carry out your Great Commission, but also to inspire others to join in this soul-saving work. Amen.

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