Proverbs: A Wise Man Once Said… Scripture Study, June 25 – September 3

Life Application Scripture Study, June 25 – September 3

A thrilling experience awaits you as we soak in the hot tub of wisdom.  The Book of Proverbs, though about 3000 years old, is yet wondrously up-to-date, furnished pragmatic, ethical, moral, and religious counsels for everyday living.  Its pithy sayings are permeated with elegant advice, sound judgement, the wisdom of ages, the distillation of experience, and Spirit-given directives for right living.

The wisdom discussed in the Book of Proverbs is more than good judgement, more than uncommon common sense, more than right action in conformity with worldly prudence, more than intellectual acumen.  True wisdom is moral excellence.  It is wisdom that as rectitude in it, the fiber of which is righteousness and holiness.  In Proverbs, wisdom is the attitude of the heart which puts God first as man’s rightful guide and master.

Sunday Mornings – 9:15am in the Fellowship Hall

Child care will be provided.

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