Looking Forward to Heaven: 2016-2017 School Year

For he (Abraham) was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.”  Hebrews 11:10

Did you find yourself looking forward to the start of school this year? It would generally seem that younger students look forward to it more so than older students. Younger students tend to see school as opportunities to have fun learning new things with their friends and classmates. Older students may only see getting up early every day and homework assignments on the horizon. Parents may be looking forward to school to have their children get back to a more scheduled daily routine. But at Our Savior, we have another more wonderful purpose for looking forward to school… we are looking forward to heaven!

We are going into our 50th year of teaching God’s lambs at Our Savior Lutheran School.  As we look forward to this year and even the years ahead, we cannot but help to look even beyond that…because there we see our purpose for the first 50 years, and our continued purpose for the years ahead that God graciously gives to us… it is heaven!

We want each child to hear and learn about their Savior Jesus who won heaven for them.  Abraham looked forward in faith, not just to a land that could be physically possessed or occupied on earth, but more importantly to a heavenly home where moth and rust do not destroy, where sin is no more, and where God’s love is fully realized in His presence forever.  Yet, as Abraham looked forward to heaven, he also strove to live his faith each and every day on earth.  He used God’s gifts to witness that faith to the people of his time so they too could look forward to heaven.

This is our purpose at Our Savior… that we give your children and our students an excellent education while focused on looking forward to heaven and that we help them find and use their gifts to share the message that heaven is ours because Jesus is our Savior no matter what God leads them to do through their life.  Ultimately, we want our children to always be looking forward to heaven and trusting God’s promise of the place He has prepared for them there.

May God’s blessings be with us this school year as all of us, parents, teachers, and students, keep our focus on “Looking Forward to Heaven!”

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