The WORD Endures: Fall Adult Bible Class

Master teachers are a rare find.  Their teachings transcend centuries and impact learners well after them.  Martin Luther was a teacher from whom we can still learn lessons about prayer, marriage and freedom.  In 1530 the Reformation of the Christian church was in full swing. Martin Luther’s popularity had pushed his writings to the top of the best-seller list. What if you had a chance to hear him speak? What if you could sit at the feet of this scholar of Scripture who taught crowds of not just princes but also peasants? You can… in this study. Join us at the feet of Luther!


September 10 – November 5th
Sunday Mornings @ 9:15am


Our Savior Fellowship Hall (Lower Level)


Lesson 1     Christian Freedom in the Cause of Reform

Lesson 2     Teach the Word to Children

Lesson 3     Appreciate the Role of the Old Testament Law

Lesson 4     Good Works

Lesson 5     Conversion and the Will

Lesson 6     Prayer

Lesson 7     Marriage

Lesson 8     Lord’s Supper

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