In Home Family Devotion Ideas

A Thought

None of us anticipated this world-wide health crisis. Who could have even imagined an Executive Order resulting in children and students staying home from school, many adults staying home from work, and family structure and schedule needing major adjustments? Do you think that our God can help us realize blessings through these in-home changes?

More face-to-face interaction and significant communication! (According to a recent study, “the average parent spends just three-and-a-half minutes per week in meaningful conversation with their children!”)

More parent-guided life lessons!

More opportunities for parents to really get to know their children!

The list could go on!

But perhaps the greatest blessing that can/should occur during this time of challenge is in the increased spiritual leadership in the home, by dads, and by moms. Certainly, a Christian church, a Christian school, Sunday School, and the like, are available and intended to assist moms and dads. But please note, these have always and only existed to assist. They have been available as “tools” for parents to assist in raising their children spiritually. Continue reading “In Home Family Devotion Ideas”