Home Family Devotions

Home family devotions have always been a good idea! A generation or two ago it was much more common for families to gather together at home to spend time reading and discussing the truths of God’s Word. It’s still a good practice in today’s world!

Perhaps these days of pandemic have led to more parents (Moms and Dads) gathering their family together at home to read and learn God’s Word.

Who could have imagined such a change in the world around us less than a year ago? You know, God still blesses his people, even during such challenging days. Perhaps one of the biggest blessings is the role of family leaders leading their family in God’s Word!

Take a look at the following pages and prayerfully consider how you might incorporate family devotions in your home! Continue reading “Home Family Devotions”

Online Devotion Resources

Home and personal devotions and Bible reading have always been important. Over the years many of us relied upon books and other written materials for our home devotional time.

How times have changed! We are now blessed with electronic access to devotional resources of many types, including videos, live-stream and more.

Whether we are living during a time of pandemic lockdown or not, we have more spiritual growth resources available than ever before!

Following is a list and brief description of a variety of home and personal devotion and Bible reading ideas, and more! Take a look; you may get hooked! Continue reading “Online Devotion Resources”

Time in God’s Word

Ideas and Encouragement for 2021

If you are already reading your Bible on a regular basis, KEEP IT UP. If you are not currently in the habit of regular personal Bible reading, or if you are looking for some Bible reading suggestions, please read on.

Did you know?

If you read your Bible 5 days a week for 10 minutes a day, you will spend nearly 44 hours in Bible reading for the year.

The important point is that this is time when you will be using the means by which God strengthens your faith – his Word!

You might start small.

Create a manageable plan of Bible reading. You’ll be surprised how the time committed to this activity will grow naturally. Continue reading “Time in God’s Word”