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Home and personal devotions and Bible reading have always been important. Over the years many of us relied upon books and other written materials for our home devotional time.

How times have changed! We are now blessed with electronic access to devotional resources of many types, including videos, live-stream and more.

Whether we are living during a time of pandemic lockdown or not, we have more spiritual growth resources available than ever before!

Following is a list and brief description of a variety of home and personal devotion and Bible reading ideas, and more! Take a look; you may get hooked!

Through My Bible in Three Years Daily readings through the Bible in three years. Audio option. (under 10 minutes)

Transformed: Devotions Connecting Teens to Christ A weekly devotion for teens.

Military Devotions A weekly devotion for those serving in the military.

Mission Blogs A weekly blog from one of the many WELS mission fields delivered to your inbox.

Find other subscription resources as well.

Daily Devotions

Daily devotions to encourage you with God’s Word. Audio option. (3-4 minutes)

This link also gives you access to variety of other devotion and faith- centered materials.

This site provides a wealth of materials, including many topics under the headings: “Jesus Who?” – “Questioning God” – “Life Concerns” – “The Bible” – “Worship”

This site offers prayers for many topics and many audiences.

This site offers a tremendous variety of Q&A topics, often with many questions for a single topic.

The main web address for Time of Grace Ministries includes articles, devotions, videos, and podcasts. Search by topic or type of resource: blog articles, Grace Talks short-form videos, Grace Moments devotions, podcasts, and Time of Grace programs. Sign up to receive many of these resources that are delivered directly into your email inbox. Following are some examples:

Grace Moments are daily devotions written by Pastor Mike and many other Time of Grace writers. These Bible-based messages cover a wide variety of topics and help you experience a satisfied life as you see God all around you. Join the thousands of people who receive these devotions for encouragement by subscribing to have them delivered to your inbox each morning. (4-6 minutes)

Get daily reminders of new Grace Talks video devotions sent straight to your inbox. These weekday devotions are short video devotionals with daily life application that feature a variety of speakers.

Click the “Topics” tab for a HUGE number of articles and videos that cover a tremendous number of topics for people of many backgrounds, age spans and life issues. Again, many of these resources offer entire series of devotions and articles.

Watch Pastor Mike’s latest TV program or Grace Talks video, read his latest blog post, listen to his most recent podcast, or catch up on his daily Grace Moments devotions. Through his messages you will learn that

God is with you right now, he loves you, and you can live with a peace and joy you can’t find anywhere else.

Follow Pastor Mike and the other Time of Grace blog writers as they cover a wide variety of topics. Though each writer’s unique style and perspective give each post a different flavor, all of their writing will help you reflect more deeply on the grace of God in your life and how you can live your life to serve him.

Visit Our Savior online resources as well:

God bless you in 2021 as you stay close to him with your home and personal devotions and Bible reading!

(Your Spiritual Growth Committee)

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