A review of the August 27th flood damage and plans for recovery

Psalm 145:17 – The Lord is righteous in all his ways and loving toward all he has made.

After heavy extended rains (7+ inches) Sunday night and early Monday morning (August 26-27) in the Grafton area, we received extensive water damage to the lower level of our facility, including our fellowship hall, library, school classroom, kitchen, bathrooms, several furnace rooms, storage rooms and stairwell area. Many folks responded immediately that Monday morning and during the next few days helped salvage what we could save and dispose of what we couldn’t save. A professional company was called in to dry, disinfect and prevent mold issues.

We are grateful for all the volunteer help we’ve so far received (now in the hundreds of volunteer man-hours) and trust God’s plan for us as we prayerfully work through the remainder of the demolition and clean-up and begin to plan how we might rebuild and restore. We are also grateful that although our six stored sanctuary paintings were partially submerged, they received minimal damage and should be fully usable without any noticeable damage. We are arranging for a new area to store them in the future. Continue reading “A review of the August 27th flood damage and plans for recovery”

Significant Flood Damage at Our Savior Lutheran, Grafton, WI

For immediate release:   Ozaukee Press – September 5, 2018

After heavy extended rains (about 7.5 inches) on Sunday night and early Monday morning, August 27th, a substantial portion of the facility at Our Savior Lutheran Church & School was invaded by a flash flood.  The lowest part of the church (Fellowship Hall, Classroom, Library, and Kitchen) received extensive water damage due to the nearly two feet of standing water. Many rooms, including furnace rooms, storage areas, and stairwell were also flooded. Continue reading “Significant Flood Damage at Our Savior Lutheran, Grafton, WI”