New this week – August 4, 2020

Dear Friends,

When Jesus sent out his disciples to preach and teach and heal, he gave them specific instructions and meaningful encouragement. Knowing that his followers would experience struggles and fears, he offered them words of wisdom and support.

Jesus described the depth of love he had for his followers. He wanted them to know and remember that as they experienced persecution and fear, he would remain close to them and care for them. In fact, he told them that “even the very hairs of [their] head are all numbered” (Matthew 10:30).

Today, especially during these unusual and uncertain times, we see and hear people living in fear. Where is your level of fear these days? Doesn’t the fact that Jesus understands your needs and knows your concerns give you great comfort? Doesn’t the fact that he knows you so well he even knows how many hairs are on your head calm your fears? He knows your small everyday needs; he knows your large unexpected needs. He is present; he is powerful; he keeps his promises!

May the kindness, care and love of Jesus calm your fears and fill you with peace every day.

*Please note that this is the first of two publications of NEWS TO NOTE in August.

Church and School Picnic Update

Please note that our annual church and school picnic will not be held this summer. We look forward to the time when this and other on-site fellowship events can again take place. Thank you for your understanding!

WELS Connection

You are able view our church body’s video magazine, WELS Connection, online at the following link:

Holy Communion

If you would welcome a member of our pastoral staff to serve you private communion, either at your home or on campus, please call us and we will arrange a visit. (Please note that some of the care facilities do not yet allow us on site. We must wait until those restrictions have been lifted before we can visit those facilities.)


Thank you for your financial support of God’s work at Our Savior through your offerings, whether placed in the plates while at worship, dropped off inthe church office, directly mailed from banks, or given online through Vanco or through Vanco’s mobile giving app GivePlus Church.

Prayer Requests

Let us know of any prayer requests for the Prayer Circle or worship services.

The Lord is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion” (Psalm 116:5).

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