Women’s Online Bible Study: Enough for Now

The concept of “having enough” is one that is not often experienced. If I only had more money . . . more success . . . more time . . . then I would be fulfilled. Yet even when more is attained, it rarely satisfies. It is not “enough.”’

An eight-lesson women’s Bible study, Enough for Now explores the idea of “enough” through the study of Scripture—specifically the parable of the rich fool, personal stories, and practical exercises. Over the course of the lessons, women will discover how to escape the insatiable quest for more by finding their “enough” in God.

An eight-week series entitled “Enough for Now – Unpacking God’s Sufficiency,” taught by Andrea Semmann on Tuesday evenings from 8-9:30 pm, will begin April 14.

Contact Alison Wolf to sign up for this Zoom online Bible study.

Recommended materials

a journal and a copy of the Bible study book.

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Northwestern Publishing House $14.99

Amazon Kindle $14.24, Paperback $14.99

Christian Book $10.99

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