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Help at the Ozaukee County Fair!

Create Prayer Stones @ The Ozaukee County Fair (Friday, August 3 from 2pm – 6pm) –

Take time out of your busy afternoon to tell fair-goers about our church / school! Help children to decorate brightly colored stones that remind them to pray without ceasing.

We need 4 adults and 8 children grades 3 – 8 to commit to a one 2-hour session! We’ll provide the activity, supplies and instructions, you just show up and help out! Sign up today using the following link!

Sign Up!

July 1st Prayers

“I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. And the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh.” John 6:51

A healthy lifestyle cannot be based on exercise alone. Not too many people would be inclined to eat a bag of chips or a pound of chocolate and then go for a run. Besides the stomachache that would slow you down, it doesn’t make sense to eat unhealthy food while trying to get healthy.

So what is the healthiest, most nourishing, and satisfying food we can eat? No fruit, vegetable, or even Greek yogurt can compare to the food God offers through His Son, Jesus Christ. This food is not the bread and fish Jesus used to feed the five thousand (Matthew 14:13-21), or the breakfast He prepared for His disciples after His resurrection (John 21:1-14).

The life-sustaining food God gives us is Jesus Himself. Jesus said “I am the living bread” (John 6:51a). In the Sacrament of the Altar, believers have the opportunity to partake of this food while receiving the benefits of the forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation. Christ’s body and blood sacrificed and given to us will not only give us strength to live a new earthly life, but it will continue to sustain us on through eternity.

Vietnam – Jesus, Head of the Church, thank you that your gospel is reaching an increasing number of people in Vietnam. Bless the work of the national pastors and evangelists—and the WELS missionaries supporting them. May your Holy Spirit guide the work which will result in a seminary for training there. Thank you for international connections that allow Christians in one country to support ministry to loved ones in another. May these opportunities result in even more of your children learning about your grace. Amen. Continue reading “July 1st Prayers”

Prayer Circle – June 24, 2018

“For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 2:6

Summertime is a great time to read, relax, take in some sun and enjoy relationships.  But the real companion we long for is Christ, who much more longs to spend time with us.  He comes to us through his Word, as we learn and meditate on who he is, and what a miracle he accomplished.  That kind of leadership cannot be found in any high-rise or major headquarters on earth…it is exclusively the king of heaven himself who offers insight and understanding.  Let’s take the time to listen and learn of him.  Let’s ask him to lead us closer and then, rejoicing in his love, make every day more full and rich.

International Youth Rally – What a blessing, O Lord of the Church, for young people from around our country and world to be able to receive spiritual strength from your Word at the 2018 International Youth Rally in Bowling Green, Ohio, under the theme “Never Alone.” May your presence go with these young people and their leaders, granting them safe travels to and from the rally and soul enriching experiences through your Word during their days together. Equip them for lifelong service in your kingdom. Amen. Continue reading “Prayer Circle – June 24, 2018”

New this week – June 24, 2018

SUMMER SERMON SERIES – Let the Lord’s Leader Listen – June 24 to September 2. 

Few leaders leave a legacy like King David, who has been called the Great King and Giant Slayer.  David was a flawed man, desperately in need of forgiveness –like all of us.  David was a faith-filled follower of the Lord, blessed with a heart of passion and wisdom.  He sang the songs of a shepherd king from his youth until his grave.  He sought God’s will and as Israel’s leader instilled God’s way.  Even in his fumbling and failures, he longed for the presence and power of the God to whom he’d gladly give all glory.  David is a remarkable study in man’s weakness presented alongside God’s strength and God’s saving grace.


A complementary directory is ready on the entry table for all who had pictures included in the directory.  If you (your family) were not able to take or submit a photo, you can sign up to receive a free directory.  Please note that there is also a link now posted on the Our Savior member page of the website to view the directory onlineContact Sarah in the church office if you have questions.

Save the date for Our Savior Lutheran Church Picnic

On Sunday, August 26. There will be one combined worship service at 10:00 a.m. with the picnic to follow.


WELS released a brand-new version of the WELS Mobile app. There are several changes, including the name. It is now called the WELS App. The new WELS App is available at It can no longer be found in the Apple, Google, or Amazon app stores; those versions are being retired in July.

The WELS App offers a quick and easy way to get devotions, news, and synod information from your mobile device. Daily devotions, Bible readings, weekly worship helps, military and teen devotions are just a sampling of the Bible-based content available for your regular spiritual growth and encouragement. Also included are call reports, WELS Yearbook data, videos, and Q&A content.

The WELS App is mobile friendly (it’s developed to work on smart phones and tablets) but is technically called a “progressive web app” or PWA. PWAs provide all the features of a traditional app but can be updated more frequently and offer a similar experience on any device. They get progressively better as devices (and their web browsers) get more capabilities. New features in the WELS App include favoriting, sharing, and expanded content. More new features are in the works, including bookmarks; notifications when new devotions, news, or call reports are available; user configurable text size; offline access to devotional and Yearbook content; and availability as an app in the Windows Store.

KML Charity Golf Outing & DINNER

Support tuition assistance by coming to the KML Charity Golf Outing and Dinner and enjoying a great day of golf, fellowship, food and fun. The outing is held at the prestigious West Bend Country Club on Monday, July 16. Proceeds from this event go to the KML Foundation and will be used for student assistance. Check out details and register online at